WorldCrosser is a Adventure & Dual Sport Motorcycle lifestyle company made up of overlanding enthusiasts. We are experienced and dedicated to adventure riding, traveling, exploring and camping and have decided to pool and share our Adventure riding knowledge, advice, and experience together to provide a value to the ADV community. Being a part of WorldCrosser is beneficial because our mission is to provide adventure riders with a great resource, great products and to be part of a great community of like minded adventure motorcycle enthusiasts.

Personally, I started riding trails when I was just a kid with a 1981 Honda XR80 that was my pride and joy, my friends and I would explore everywhere possible, finding new places on the bike is fun and addictive. Once I got a little older and was able to get a driver’s license and I could ride streets legally that opened a whole new world of exploration and ease to get to new trails and destinations. That first street legal bike was Yamaha XT600 and there has been many other bikes since those beginning days, but the desire to ride and explore on two wheels has always been the driving force for me as well as for WorldCrosser site and community. Join the exploration and the joy of adventure riding today!


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Max Chilton, adventurer

So what is ADV and overland Riding, you ask?
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In short, we are creating a community resource which will help you and overland ADV riders in general.

We will provide information on cool destinations and tracks to ride your ADV motorcycle to, cool routes to take and a ton of info of adventure bike and travel/camping products, an extensive ADV MC bike database, adventure and dual sport motorcycle events and meetings, some cool books and movies all riders should check out, ADV and MC industry product reviews, and the overall low down on the Adventure touring and dual sport riding industry! Please help us out, feel free to submit your insight, reviews, pics, routes, know-how, etc and help out your fellow adventure riders.

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Or if you are interested in contributing to WorldCrosser with with ADV or motorcycle travel articles, images, events, etc please let us know. Support WorldCrosser by getting involved with generating quality helpful content, product info and offerings for such a superb community.

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