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Adventure, Dual Sport, Overland Motorcycle Complete List:


We have created a list “Adventure” motorcycles out there, as per the manufacturer’s class. I put quotes around the word adventure as any bike can be an Adventure bike – it’s more of what you do on the bike, right?
Some great adventurers have traversed the World on a Honda C90, or a Harley, as well as many other bikes that you wouldn’t consider or aren’t classified as an “adventure” bike –  so it is what you make of it, not the model of the bike!!!  . . . but with that being said some bikes are better for adventure/dual sport riding then others.

We are focusing on motorcycle that are mostly used for dual sport or adventuring riding. 

So check out the ADV bikes below and click on the bike to get some specs, see some ADV bike pics and get information of the Adventure motorcycle that right for you! FYI – you may realize you need more than one motorcycle!

Click Here for an Classification Explanation For information or breakdown on our description of  “Adventure bike classifications” and how we define bikes.

If you would like to search a specific bike, please use the top right search box and put in what bike you are interested in or what aspect (i.e. 650cc)

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