Help Wanted

help-wanted-pic-laptop-w-bikeLooking for passionate ADV or Dual sport riders who would be interested in helping out WorldCrosser – We will need help in writing posts/article, product reviews, edit the events page, managed and organizing events (when we get to that phase), online store assistance and all around help to provide the ADV community a valuable resource and website.  WorldCrosser is just starting out so it would be limited work so if interested please let us know how you would be able to contribute and become part of the team.

Also, we always like to input for decals or tshirts that you would like to see, if there is  certain spot on your bike that a decal would fit perfect please let us know and we will put together and send to you to put on your bike, in return you will send some pics back to us for the site. so send your ideas over!


Email us here.

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