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140,000 Kilometers Around The World On A KTM 500 EXC

World traveler Aaron Steinmann, better known to his fans as the Braaping Kiwi, has recently finished a trip of a lifetime. Since 2016, Aaron has ridden over 140,000 kilometers around the world covering 6 continents and 51 countries on ‘Tess’, his 2015 KTM 500 EXC-F....

On The Edge: Journey To The Remote North Rim Of The Grand Canyon

It’s already getting dark, we’ve got at least 30 miles to get under our belts before camp, and I’ve lost my keys. Why good journeys so often begin with troublesome events I’ll never know, but I am learning to just roll with it. It’s cold, but I’m testing out some new...

Watch: 2022 Aprilia Tuareg 660 Tested

Perhaps one of the most intriguing offers in the growing middleweight adventure class is the new Aprilia Tuareg 660. With its compact chassis, high-performance twin-cylinder 660cc engine, long-travel and fully-adjustable KYB suspension, dirt-friendly 21”/18” wheels,...

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