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Overland Adventure Travel

Overland Adventure Travel is the ultimate type of travel, in my opinion. It is the finest salt of the earth type traveling that allows you to really connect with the environment while exploring, Something amazing when it is ust you, your motorcycle, the air, scents, temperatures and elements. It is traveling across land, not flying or boats (although sometimes you may need a boat to do a RTW (Round The World) trip. Some folks like the fancy travel they see many airports, trains, buses, freeways, hotel rooms and tourist traps, but that is not what overlanding is all about. Nomads like ourselves, travel typically on an “adventure” motorcycle. Traveling this way allows one to really see the countryside, to camp or get “into” the area and land, overlanding and/or adventure motorcycle travel really gives you the taste to the land you are traversing.


Adventure and Overland Motorcycle Travel

We here at WorldCrosser thrive off overland and adventure travel and everything to do with it.

Traveling is typically enjoyed on a variety of Adventure / Dual sport type motorcycle.

There are many remote areas in all countries, and your local area too, that can only be explored with an adventure motorcycle that can make it a Ross dirt roads and even some single track..

So get out and ride, travel and if possible become a WorldCrosser.

Thanks for reading and join the fun!!!

WorldCrosser Crew
ADV Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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