New 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally in no longer a concept!

New 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally in no longer a concept!


A big “Thank you” to Honda for taking a renewed interest in the Adventure motorcycle market. This was a concept vehicle at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 8 months ago that we are so glad they produced. This is another example of a great dual sport adventure bike that is obviously based on the 250L, which has some upgrades this year as well, but the Rally version has cool black wheels, a longer suspension, larger front disc brake and ABS. Also the 2017 Honda CRF Rally will have some protective plastics, larger fuel tank, windscreen, and will be available this March 2017 in Red, Black or White. Pricing starts a $5899 for Rally.

Now we just need a adventure dual sport 450 and 700 from Honda! ; )

Here is the standard CRL250L, which is $800 less than the Rally version.



Here is link to Honda’s CRL250 Page.

Harley Davidson American Made Adventure Motorcycle – Seriously?

Harley Davidson American Made Adventure Motorcycle – Seriously?

Harley Davidson 750 Stealth Dual Sport / Adventure Motorcycle is possible, but is it likely?

Harley-Davidson-750-Stealth-Adventure-Custom-panels-fenders-at-2016-BIMSAt this years annual 2016 Motorcycle show in Bangkok there was an “adventure” looking Harley, that right Harley Davidson! The Harley Davidson 750 Stealth – This bike was designed and built by Richy Wilson who is the co-owner of Richo Harley-Davidson (which is a dealership) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

So did Harley Davidson Corporate approve this or is this just a one off bike this dealer was playing with, I guess time will tell. But anyway take a look at the pictures. It appears to be a nice blend of dual sport and Adventure bike, nice knobby tires, love the black rims.

It was touted as “built for the new generation of Harley enthusiasts” and has some off road adventure specs.


  • Ohlins motocross front fork
  • Monoshock suspension
  • Dunlop motocross tires – 21-inch in front and 18-inch in the back
  • Spoke black wheels
  • Aluminium fuel tank
  • Twin LED Daymaker headlamps
  • Dual exhaust,
  • Large side panniers and a topcase

I hope Harley give this bike some consideration, as not everyone wants just to cruise. Come on Harley!!!


Awwesom pictures are from

Honda CRF250 Rally ADV motorcycle

Honda CRF250 Rally ADV motorcycle

This week at the Osaka Motorcycle Show Honda is pulling out the stops on new adventure bikes, they know this is a growing market and are stepping it up. Thanks Honda! the 250 Rally adventure bike is a concept bike at this point, but very strong chance it will hit production. The 25o Rally and adventure upgraded street legal CRF 250 adventure bike. Check out pics below it will be a great light capable ADV motorcycle for those who want the Honda reliability. I love the dual exhaust too, it just makes the bike for me, it looks great, as well as increases performance ( I hope). this would be a great bike for dirt riders that need to be street legal, Come on honda let put this is production for the 250 and why not make a 450 Rally too, or what about a 700 Rally CRF? okay maybe I’m dreaming now.


CRF250_rally_3 CRF250_rally_4 CRF250_rally_1
CRF_rally_concept_dual exhaust

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