Looking for a Great Beginner Adventure Motorcycle? Here are 7 of the Best ADV bikes!


Adventure or dual sport motorcycles can be great bikes for beginner riders. They can allow a new rider to experience riding in an open field, or trail, as well a get a feel for the bike on asphalt too. If a new rider falls over during the learning phase this is not such a big deal on a dual sport bike. Many of these bikes have protection on them and can withstand a drop which can be common when someone is riding for the first time. I recommend getting a reliable quality used bike, many people buy a new motorcycle to learn to ride and then want to move up to a bigger faster bike, or they realize that motorcycle riding is not their cup of tea and end up selling the bike in great shape with very low milage. So quality adventure or dual sport bikes can usually be found pretty easily on craigslist, cycletrader, etc.

The smaller cc bikes, like the 200, 20 or 300’s are great bikes for learning as they are light and nimble. The big Japanese motorcycle manufacturers all have these entry level bikes.

Honda has the CRF250 i standard version and Rally Version. Standard is top pic and the cool rally version is to the right.

Kawasaki has the Versys 300 now, which is more of adventure bike than a dual -sport, but they had the KLX 250 for a while, which was a great light dual sport bike, but they discontinued that bike. they can still be found around and are good bang for the buck.

Suzuki’s 200 is the DR200, a great reliable starter bike at a price point that is affordable.

Yamaha has the WR250 which is pretty much a dirt bike, and probably the most advanced one, which may make not as much of a learner bike as the others.

Now two of my favorite beginner bikes are the fat tired Yamaha TW200 and the Suzuki VanVan200, these are great for the sugar sand here in New Jersey, but they are fun and easy to ride anywhere and on many types of surfaces. They also have a low seat height and the power is not abrupt and easy to learn how to release the clutch in smooth manner, which can sometimes be a challenge for people who never used a clutch before. These two 200 cc fat tired bikes are a blast to ride and have ton of character too.

So, in short,  look for a bike that has low seat height, can be dropped, can ride on mixed surfaces, and doesn’t hurt your wallet to bad if you do break a part on it or scratch it up.

It is always good to take a class, the state motor vehicle center usually run motorcycle classes here is the US, as well there are a number of business that train riders of all different skill levels.


Honda CRF 250 Rally

Versys X 300 ABS

Kawasaki Versys X 300


Kawasaki KLX 250


Suzuki DR200


Yamaha WR250


Yamaha TW200


Suzuki VanVan200









New 2017 Kawasaki VERSYS®-X 300

VersysÆ X 300 ABS

All new 2017 Versys X 300 ABS

Kawasaki’s Versys adventure motorcycle line is one of the most underrated ADV lines. This Versys line simply doesn’t get enough credit nor attention for some reason, they are all around great adventure bikes that are offered at a very practcal price point. Now with the new addition of the X-300, it shows Kawasaki is serious about their adventure lineup keeping their Adventure line up in tune with the ADV market trends.

The new X300 comes in Kawasaki lime green and gray or metallic gray and flat black.

Starting at $5699 for ABS model is is great deal, so keep an eye out for these cool 300cc adventure bike on your local dealer’s showroom floor.

This could be the best entry level adventure bike for 2017!

Here is link to Kawasaki Versys X-300 page.

VersysÆ X 300 ABS

Versys X 300 ABS in cool graphite gray

New 2017 Honda CRF250L Rally in no longer a concept!


A big “Thank you” to Honda for taking a renewed interest in the Adventure motorcycle market. This was a concept vehicle at the Osaka Motorcycle Show 8 months ago that we are so glad they produced. This is another example of a great dual sport adventure bike that is obviously based on the 250L, which has some upgrades this year as well, but the Rally version has cool black wheels, a longer suspension, larger front disc brake and ABS. Also the 2017 Honda CRF Rally will have some protective plastics, larger fuel tank, windscreen, and will be available this March 2017 in Red, Black or White. Pricing starts a $5899 for Rally.

Now we just need a adventure dual sport 450 and 700 from Honda! ; )

Here is the standard CRL250L, which is $800 less than the Rally version.



Here is link to Honda’s CRL250 Page.

Adventure Motorcycle Camping Jetboil Stove – Product Review

There are a lot of camping or backpacking stoves out there that work well for motorcycle travel and camping. But with a lot of options I decided on the Jetboil Cooking system for my motorcycle camping cooking needs many moons ago and I think it was a great choice.

The Jetboil Flash stove is great addition to your adventure motorcycle camping kit.

The Jetboil Flash stove is great addition to your adventure motorcycle camping kit.

I also have the pot support accessory to use my camp pots on it too for eggs or some dehydrated camp food packs that also need to be cooked on a camp pan.

But best of all, I have the French press coffee accessory- I don’t know why but that coffee in the morning is quick and just so delicious. I even used it the one day when we had power outage in the morning but we didn’t have to do without coffee. : )

In short, the Jetboil stove cooks quick, is compact enough to fit in panniers and just works really well.

Some of my logic, when choosing a adventure camp stove: I considered getting a stove that worked of gasoline, I figured why carry propane canister when I have 6.5 gallons with my bike. But propane is cleaner fuel, it doesn’t take up much space at all and the stove was less expensive. And I like to keep the gasoline smell away from my food- they don’t go together. It depends if you are so packed that a small canister is going to make a difference, or if you won’t be able to get another if traveling for months at a time. All in all, I really like my jetboil and believe it is a necessity for camping.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your meals during your adventure motorcycle camping and traveling.

The first product link below contains the Jetboil and French Coffee Press but not the Pot Support attachment. The following link is the Pot Support if needed. FYI


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