Adventure Motorcycle Dry Bag you wouldn’t typically consider.

Adventure Motorcycle Dry Bag you wouldn’t typically consider.

mustad-mb007-50-liter-white-dry-carryall-duffleI needed a dry bag for an adventure motorcycle camping trip I was taking, and really liked a few bags from Twisted Throttle, Giant Loop and few others, but they all seemed pretty expensive for what they were– waterproof dry bag. So while picking up some camping supplies at Cabela’s I ran across a perfect bag that works well and was super inexpensive so I decided to share this info.  It is not a motorcycle dry bag per se, it is actually a boat bag, but serves the same purpose, waterproof, easy to access, has outside mesh pocket that came in handy on my trips. I am able to strap it through the handles so that worked well. It also has a reflective logo on it, which is always a bonus when riding.

I have used it on a few trips and one trip in particular it saw a ton of rain and kept my clothes nice and dry. Overall it is a great bag and at a very reasonable price and worth consideration. If this bag had a few more straps or handles for additonals options of securing to my bike, that would have been great, but wasn’t a deal breaker and a coule bungees hold in nice and secure.

The bag I am talking about is Mustad Dry Carryall bag, they have them in a few different sizes too.  I am sure they sell them in many places as they are fishing hook company that distributes to many reatilers,  but overall this bag may make a great dry bag packing solution for your riding adventures.

Here is link to the “ADV” dry bag at Cabelas.



Let me know what you would like to see in an affordable dry bag for your bike. Feedback

Sedici Heated Vest from CycleGear Review

Sedici Heated Vest from CycleGear Review

adventure_motorcycle_sedici_heated_vestThe Sedici “HotWired” heated vest from CycleGear is an affordable heated motorcycle vest that is worth consideration.

My experience is fair with this vest, I tried on the XL size and it seemed very short in the front. I realize when I am riding my legs will be bent bring the vest lower to abdomin, but it looked short. I am 6’1 and around 200 pounds. I then tried on the 2XL and that fit much better in length. So I bought it on sale for $99, normally $139, and it came with a “free” controller, which I think it should, but they sell it separately for $60!

Installing the connector to the bike’s battery and then plugging in the controller, was a simple task. sedici_heated_vest_controllerNow it was time for testing out this baby, I used it couple times, and it worked fair but not overly impressed with the heat output,  I must say. After some investigation, I realized the issue was that the vest was not tight enough up against me so I was not real snuggly and warm when it got cold late at night. There is a draw string on it to tighten bottom to stop air from getting under the vest, so I did that but it still wasn’t tight to my body and was below my expectations.

After a week or so, I went back to the CycleGear store and figured I am not a 2XL guy and would try the shorter length XL size hoping it would be a little tighter or more snug on my torso, but it seemed to be the exact same diameter or snugness, just shorter in length. So I ended up keeping the XXL size. The salesperson suggested I take it to a tailor and get the elastic sides hemmed in. Which would probably work, but I am a busy person and haven’t had the drive to investigate that yet and I wouldn’t want an internal wire in the vest to get sewed over and cut in the process rendering my new vest unusable, which would just be my luck. ; )

Don’t get me wrong, the vest is not horrible, it does the job but it definitely has room for improvement and could do the job better with better design or some straps or something to keep it snug

Also there are a few setting for temp on the controller, but I have never taken off high, as it never felt too warm for me, probably because it is not snug as I mentioned. It is on high or off for me. Maybe once I get it snug on my torso the levels of heat may come into play and I’ll update this post, but for now the heat settings are useless.

The big benefit is the vest is priced fairly, especially if you get it on sale, but all in all the Sedici Heated Vest leaves me wanting more from it.

Thanks for reading and ride safe and warm!

Michlin’s NEW ANAKEE WILD Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Michlin’s NEW ANAKEE WILD Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Anakee_wild_logoMichelin announced the release of their new Anakee Wild radial motorcycle tires. They are radial tires meant for 50/50 use (on-road/off-road) on adventure and big dual sport motorcycles.

The all-new compounds and innovative tread pattern are inspired by Michelin’s Desert Race tires. Offset blocks and curved tread grooves provide off-road performance improvements, especially in soft and challenging conditions. The front/rear casing design provides improved on-road stability as well.

MICHELIN Anakee Wild offers exceptional durability and road/off-road resistance thanks to radial technology and optimized tire thread depth. Tried and tested in extreme road conditions!michelin-anakee-wild-360_tyre_360_small

Stability and comfort on the road thanks to radial technology available for the first time on a knobby tire. Excellent longevity and resistance against heating and aggression thanks to its optimized tread pattern’s depth and new tread compound

The Anakee Wild tires will be available from Michelin dealers starting on 1 March 2016 and are available in sizes below:


Available 50/50 Adv Tire sizes for Anakee Wild:

  • Front
    • 110/80 R19
    • 120/70 R19
  • Rear
    • 150/70 R17
    • 170/60 R17
Motorcycle RAM Mount Configuration for iPhone

Motorcycle RAM Mount Configuration for iPhone

Let’s start out by saying it is awesome to have your phone on your bike, and in a spot that you can see it easily. The RAM mount does the job and does it well. I wouldn’t trust some other phone mounts I have seen. They look cheap and if you ride like me a little bump may send your expensive phone flying. Your phone onyour bike is almost a must have in today’s connected world. Some may disagree and say they want to be removed from the “connected” world while riding- I understand! But sometimes reality of the day and expectiation you need your phone while riding. Anyway that is a topic for another post – but for now having your phone on your bike -> The RAM mount is where it’s at, along with a bluetooth headset for your helmet. (See Sena bluetooth headset post).RAM_mount_w_Phone-w-WC-LOGO

There are lots of configurations for the RAM product line there is even a cup holder and a handgun mount you can get.  But for your adventure motorcycle basic iPhone mount setup you want a few parts:

  1. Need to mount the ball to the handle bars with U-Bolt Mounting Base with 1 inch ball.
  2. Then you need the “Double Socket” connector, that supports the 1″ ball on both sides, this can be purchased in a few different sizes – short, long, and I think there maybe a medium.
  3. Finally you need the X-Grip Cell phone holder with 1″ ball, you can get larger ones for the larger iPhones 6 and maybe the ipad mini.

It is not only great to be able to talk on the phone while riding, it is also great to be able to see your phone for navigation (and hear Voice Navigation too), see your playlist as you are listening to some great music all the while having it right there in front of you.

RAM_Mount_on_motorcycle-Worldcrosser-logoIf you are considering a quality RAM Motorcycle mount for your adventure bike, please support WorldCrosser by clicking through this Amazon link, it will give us a little coin and not cost you a dime extra.

Thanks for reading and ride safe!








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