Michlin’s NEW ANAKEE WILD Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Michlin’s NEW ANAKEE WILD Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle Tires

Anakee_wild_logoMichelin announced the release of their new Anakee Wild radial motorcycle tires. They are radial tires meant for 50/50 use (on-road/off-road) on adventure and big dual sport motorcycles.

The all-new compounds and innovative tread pattern are inspired by Michelin’s Desert Race tires. Offset blocks and curved tread grooves provide off-road performance improvements, especially in soft and challenging conditions. The front/rear casing design provides improved on-road stability as well.

MICHELIN Anakee Wild offers exceptional durability and road/off-road resistance thanks to radial technology and optimized tire thread depth. Tried and tested in extreme road conditions!michelin-anakee-wild-360_tyre_360_small

Stability and comfort on the road thanks to radial technology available for the first time on a knobby tire. Excellent longevity and resistance against heating and aggression thanks to its optimized tread pattern’s depth and new tread compound

The Anakee Wild tires will be available from Michelin dealers starting on 1 March 2016 and are available in sizes below:


Available 50/50 Adv Tire sizes for Anakee Wild:

  • Front
    • 110/80 R19
    • 120/70 R19
  • Rear
    • 150/70 R17
    • 170/60 R17
Honda CRF250 Rally ADV motorcycle

Honda CRF250 Rally ADV motorcycle

This week at the Osaka Motorcycle Show Honda is pulling out the stops on new adventure bikes, they know this is a growing market and are stepping it up. Thanks Honda! the 250 Rally adventure bike is a concept bike at this point, but very strong chance it will hit production. The 25o Rally and adventure upgraded street legal CRF 250 adventure bike. Check out pics below it will be a great light capable ADV motorcycle for those who want the Honda reliability. I love the dual exhaust too, it just makes the bike for me, it looks great, as well as increases performance ( I hope). this would be a great bike for dirt riders that need to be street legal, Come on honda let put this is production for the 250 and why not make a 450 Rally too, or what about a 700 Rally CRF? okay maybe I’m dreaming now.


CRF250_rally_3 CRF250_rally_4 CRF250_rally_1
CRF_rally_concept_dual exhaust

CSC ADV Adventure motorcycle is an affordable option

CSC ADV Adventure motorcycle is an affordable option

Adventure bikes have a low cost alternative thanks to China and the California Scooter Company (CSC).  CSC’s RX3 is a 250cc adventure motorcycle that looks similar to ADV bikes that cost 3 times the amount!  But it is also 3 times less the engine displacement as well and I’d have to assume the quality would be a little cheaper, but I do not know and just making some assumptions. The RX3 is water cooled, Delphi fuel injection (which is US based company – FYI), adjustable suspension, hard luggage/panniers, skid plate, crash bars and much more. Now since is a 250 it only goes atop speed of 84mph, to some that may be a problem to others it may be fine. Remember though what it lacks in speed it makes up for with it light weight. Check out their site there have already been some people taking these on some decent adventures, so don’t disregard this bike so fast. The RX3 comes standard with a lot of accessories or farkles already, for example– crash bars, adjustable suspension, panniers and top case, dual sport tires, engine guards, and even a skid plate. As well as, they offer and number of add-ons and upgrades you can add to the bike, like a centerstand, handguards to name a few.  So take a look!


Check out some more specs on their website.
Click here.

And check our ADV motorcycle specs sheet here too.


New 2016 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Bike – CRF1000L

New 2016 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Bike – CRF1000L

Honda_Africa_Twin_CRF1000L-adventure-motorcycleSo Honda has released their new 4 stroke, 1000cc adventure motorcycle, the Africa Twin CRF1000L and let me tell you the specs and the pics just look like a dream. I can’t wait to throw a leg over one.

Couple things that are immediately apparent, it appears to be a narrow bike, has high ground clearance, high handle bars and has a 21″ front wheel– a few great aspects for the dirt roads and trail riding, which is important if you actually take your “adventure” bike off the asphalt.

There are two versions going to be available, the Standard and the DCT (dual clutch transmission) versions. The Standard sports the regular transmission we all have come to know and use, but the DCT is a new type of automatic transmission, that changes the gears for you. Supposedly you can even use the manual paddle shifter with the DCT. Also note that this is a whole new way of automatic transmissions for motorcycles, it is pressured by hydraulic oil and it supposedly better than snowmobile type of CVT automatic transmissions. Ohh it is another $600 for DCT if you are interested, plus I think it comes with gold wheels. ; ) The front and rear suspension are adjustable for spring preload, compression, and rebound damping. The shock offers a hydraulic-preload knob accessible on the right side of the bike.

The Africa Twin comes standard with ABS and traction control or HSTC (Honda Selectable Torque Control) it has steering lock and also a steel frame which helps keeps this bike slimmer and more dirt oriented

africa-twin-Digital Metallic Silver

Digital Metallic Silver Africa Twin – CRF1000L

There are two colors available in USA, the Dakar Rally (red and white), Digital Metallic Silver

See specs in Worldcrosser ADV Bike database and also here is a link to Honda’s page here.

This bike is extremely promising and just like many others out there I can’t wait to ride one!



But while we are all waiting to ride one- we can do a little VR (that’s virtual reality) with Honda’s Africa Twin VR mobile app- they have it for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Andriod.

Africa twin app - screen640x640

New 2016 Honda CB500X Adventure – Matte Brown Metallic

New 2016 Honda CB500X Adventure – Matte Brown Metallic

CB500X_2016_01Honda has released info on the 2016 CB500x Adventure bike, which starts at an affordable price and is a great entry level bike. Plus the matte brown color looks awesome. 471cc parallel-twin. You can get heated grips, panniers and some other accessories from Honda Powersports. And for you new adventure riders out there on the interweb – you can get automatic, that’s right automatic!  Honda is getting focused on the Adventure motorcycle market with all their new offerings – from the Africa Twin to CB500X Adventure.



Check specs here





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