ADV ride in NJ Pinelands – aka “The Pine Barrens”

ADV ride in NJ Pinelands – aka “The Pine Barrens”

Dual sport motorcycle in NJ Pine Barrens

In the most congested state there is is still an area the has not been developed and is great for dual sport and adventure motorcycle the Pinelands. Also know a the Pine Barrens. There are a few state parks that encompass the Pinelands, the largest is Wharton state park, there are plenty of fire roads and dirt roads throughout the pine barrens, plenty of stream crossings and lots of large puddles, unless it hasn’t rained in a while. A couple cool place to check out are Apple Pie Hill – a forest ranger tower that on a clear day you can see Philly and Atlantic City. Batsto village an old glass making town or village that has a great lake , visitors center etc, also ride along the mullica- some great roads there, Atsion Lake and Goshen Pond are a few more areas to explore. There are so many roads and trails that you could spend weeks going through it all and still find cool places to ride.


There are trails for all type of adventure riders, there is a lot of single track, although rumor is Hiking club is trying to stop all single track riding, there are some nice “quad size trails”, say double track, these are my favorite, and of course there are dirt roads that are not inundated with sand that the big Adv bikes will love. So bike choice, small dual sport, 250cc-400cc for single track, KLR or DR 650-ish bikes for medium trails and sandy forest roads are perfect, and big bikes are best on the forest roads and some packed trails/roads. Okay, Okay, I hear you yelling, now there is always the exception, where you can ride your big bike down a single track that is a blast and fun but that is the exception not the general rule when riding the Pines. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of miles to ride and explore in the Pines, and there it would take a number of days to see just get the highlights. Always a nice serene place to ride, that I ride often.

Couple tips when riding in the Pines:

  • Make sure you are running low pressure and knobbies as there is a ton of sand, but it is a great time.
  • If you stop for lunch our in the bush- bring bug spray they grow mosquitos big in NJ
  • Always ride with a buddy
  • Plan you ride, ride you plan (I know that goes against the adventure spirit)
  • Let a loved one know where you are planning to go.
  • Bring your GPS, as cell service works but it’s not very strong
  • Remember some areas of the Pines cell service is limited or nonexistent
  • There can be some deep and big puddles, be careful
  • Watch out for the Jersey devil!Bill-puddle2



And after it rains there are some serious puddles!





[message type=”Be Warned”]Supposedly Rangers are cracking down on single track riding in the Pines, and they have released a “Motorized Access Plan”  or MAP for roads that one can be one. Here is Wharton State park’s “MAP” Map that shows legal roads for motor Vehicles.

Click on Wharton State Forest map to see larger version or see original on NJ website here.


Get your very own NJ ADV Pine Barrens Sticker – click the image below:

2016 Adventure Motorcycles

2016 Adventure Motorcycles

2016 Adventure and Dual-sport Bikes are Coming out!

It is that time of year already in the motorcycle industry, new adventure and dual sport bikes are coming out!
Here at WorldCrosser we will keep this list up to date as new ADV and adventure bikes are newly released for 2016!


BMW 2016 – Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycles:

BMW G 650 GS
All around great bike that is very versatile and affordable for BMW bike.


Get specs on 2016 BMW G 650GS here.


BMW F 700 GS
Great bike and little more asphalt oriented.
Get specs on 2016 BMW F 700GS here.


BMW F 800 GS
Get specs on 2016 BMW F 800GS here.


BMW F 800 GS Adventure
Get specs on 2016 BMW F 800GS Adventure here.


BMW S 1000 XR
Get specs on 2016 BMW S 1000 XR here.


BMW R 1200 GS

Get specs on 2016 BMW R 1200 GS here.


BMW R 1200 GS Adventure
Get specs on 2016 BMWR 1200 GS Adventure here.

Kawasaki 2016 – Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycles:

2016 Kawasaki KLR 650 Camo

This is a cool looking adv bike and obviously has a huge fan following. Read more here about this bike.

Get specs of KLR650 Camo here.


2016 Kawasaki VERSYS 1000 LT

2016 kawasaki_versys_1000LT_adventure_bike

Check out specs here for VERSYS 1000LT Adventure bike.
2016 Kawasaki VERSYS 1000 LT

2016 VERSYS 650LT

KTM 2016 – Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycles:


Suzuki 2016 – Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycles:


V-Strom 650XT ABS

V-Strom 650 ABS

V-Strom 1000 ABS Adventure

V-Strom 1000 ABS






Yamaha 2016 – Dual Sport & Adventure Motorcycles:

It comes in a cool Yellow for 2016 too


Yamaha WR 250R


Get Specs on Dual Sport 2016 Yamaha WR250R


Ural 2016:

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA – Scenic Adventure Motorcycle Ride

Blue Ridge Parkway, VA – Scenic Adventure Motorcycle Ride


The Blue Ridge Parkways has been coined by some as “America’s Favorite Drive”. 

Your can ride the Parkway from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia down to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina. You will experience some great roads, some great views, some great towns, and of course great people. There are so many great towns to see that you would probably want a week or two to ride this great road.


[mapsmarker layer=”1″]

[mapsmarker marker=”5″][mapsmarker marker=”6″]


Here is a list of some great places you can stop on your ride: (these are taken from which is great resource for planning your ride.


Here is mobile app to help you experience the Blue Ridge Parkway on your Adventure Motorcycle.

Click here for info on mobile app.


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