Cyclegear – Sedici Maximo Waterproof Adventure Motorcycle Boots

Sedici Maximo Adventure Boots – Product Review


Right Adventure Boot – Cyclegear’s Sedici Maximo

I bought these boots from Cyclegear, which I believe is the exclusive reseller for Sedici brand. Here are the benefits that Cyclegear touts on their website:

Features and Benefits

  • Full grain leather upper
  • Oil resistant molded rubber gripper sole
  • Stepped heel for riding and walking comfort
  • 100% waterproof and breathable HIPORA lining
  • Reinforced shin and ankle protection
  • Thermo-set molded heel counter
  • Reflective upper heel panel
  • Molded rubber gear change patch
  • Stretch panels for maximum comfort
  • Locking multi-point fastening adjusters for a customizable fit
  • Hook and loop calf adjustment
  • Padded upper cuff for ultimate comfort

Left Adventure Boot- Sedici Maximo

For the positives first:  I really like the size of them, meaning they are not too tall like motocross boots or too short. These motorcycle boots have two easy to use latches or fasteners that work well to get comfortable snug fit. They fit my feet pretty well and that is big for me as many shoes just don’t jive with my unique size and shaped feet. They are waterproof, look pretty cool and they are at an affordable price point. I think I paid a little over a hundred dollars, although their site is currently selling them for $149. but still a good deal either way.


Adventure motorcycle boot insole after only half season of light use.

Now for the negatives: I have read that they are not all leather, just the upper part- they do say that in the features but one would think they were all leather except the rubber sole- this is not the case. A little marketing spinning going on here. The sole, on my pair at least, seem to have faded or is light black color and doesn’t look great- I’m aware it not a fashion show but wouldn’t mind the sole matching and not looking faded. I don’t know if I got them that way, but it’s not that big of deal but thought it is worth mentioning. Take a look at pics (click on them to see them larger) to see what I am talking about. I pretty much just ride in these boots, maybe walk into a store to get something, but not a whole lot of walking in these to say the least, with that said the insole has already came apart so I had to buy a new pair of insoles for the boots, no big deal but they shouldn’t have gone to crap that soon. I have not even had them for a full season of riding.

Hopefully this gives you some insight into these boots, overall I am glad I bought them and think they are decent value. Time will tell if I still feel this way.

Here is link to their product’s page

Good luck with adventure boot shopping and I hoep the product review has helped- thanks for reading!

New 2016 Kawasaki KLR650 Camo Version

New for 2016: Kawasaki has introduced the KLR 650 CAMO Version!!

Thanks Kawasaki for introducing a cool dual sport to the mix of adventure motorcycle market. The KLR is a staple in the industry and has a huge fan base of adventure riders and I’m really glad they are keeping it fresh, functional and still relatively simple. First off the digital camo graphics look just awesome and is one bad ass dual sport bike.


Okay for some specs on the Camo KLR650:

  • 651cc, which is the same for this bike
  • Nice tail rack
  • 21′ front wheel
  • 6.1 gallon gas tank
  • fair windscreen – they advertise it as large but I’m not so sure – I’ll have to ride one!
  • 41mm telescopic fork
  • and of course the Matrix Camo Graphics option for $300 extra

Check out more specs in WorldCrosser’s Bike list or check out:

Kawasaki’s Webpage on their new dual sport adventure bike.


Kawasaki offer a few farkles for it’s Camo KLR:

Panniers / top case, Cool trans handlebar bag and Trans Tank bag too

KLR_trans_tank_bag KLR_panniers_bags

Here is link to OEM Kawasaki KLR accessories.



Now what is the difference between the KLR650 and the KLR650 Camo?

Just the color / graphics? I did a side by side on the specs and don’t see anything that make the Camo version any different. Please reply below and let me know what I’m missing, if anything.


Camo seems to be the coolest color but Kawasaki alos offer this bike in – Candy Lime Green & Ebony colors as well.



2016 KLR650 Camo Close Up

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